At Don­alli, we cre­ate artis­tic jew­ellery with Ital­ian design meet­ing Swiss qual­ity for jew­ellery con­nois­seurs appre­ci­at­ing gen­uine savoir-faire. Our val­ues are a reflec­tion of crafts­man­ship, exclu­sive qual­ity and creativity.

One of Donalli’s iconic signs is the exquis­ite fil­i­gree cre­ation resem­bling del­i­cate laces and reflect­ing undi­vided fem­i­nin­ity. The word fil­i­gree is derived from two words in Latin: filum (thread) and granum (grain). It is a fine work of twisted threads, spi­rals or arabesques made of gold. Each fil­i­gree art is car­ried out by a qual­i­fied spe­cial­ist and can­not be repro­duced in an iden­ti­cal way. There­fore, each piece in Donalli’s fil­i­gree col­lec­tion is one of its kind. Donalli’s unique and lim­ited Swiss-made watch col­lec­tion has been designed with the world’s first hand-made fil­i­gree dial.

The sophis­ti­cated lines and ele­gance of the Fem­ina col­lec­tion are all a man­i­fes­ta­tion of mag­nif­i­cent dia­monds and white gold, whereas the Gem­Rocks col­lec­tion is a beau­ti­ful range of clas­si­cal jew­els with cen­tral stones of high carats will­ing to shine for gen­er­a­tions. Ital­ica offers bold and chic com­bi­na­tions of colours reveal­ing Donalli’s Ital­ian design vision. From del­i­cate laces of Fil­i­gree to opu­lent colour com­bi­na­tions of Ital­ica, at Don­alli every woman finds her favourite jewel…